A Waldorf education is unique, holistic, engaging, sustainable and effective. Because of the deep learning associated with Waldorf curriculum and instruction, The Norton Foundation is a proud advocate of Waldorf education as it incorporates the head, heart and hands in a child’s education.

Unfortunately most Waldorf schools in the United States are either private or charter schools. The only Waldorf school in Kentucky is the Waldorf School of Louisville, a small private school offering a high quality education to its students.

The Norton Foundation believes that Waldorf-inspired teaching methods should be available to all students, and that is why it supports Kentahten. This organization’s mission is to inspire and challenge educators to integrate the artistic and healing pedagogy of Waldorf education with 21st century educational research.

Kentahten offers low-cost classes, workshops and a Summer Institute (two-week intensive training) to all public and private school teachers and other interested individuals. Waldorf-inspired teaching exemplifies best teaching practices, including an arts-infused pedagogy, developmentally appropriate instruction, environmental awareness, and social/emotional learning. Waldorf teaching methods provide teachers with alternatives for reaching children and aiding in the growth and development of students, while adhering to state and national standards.

The Norton Foundation seeks to help Kentahten reach as many teachers as possible to learn about Waldorf-inspired teaching methods. We support this organization, because we know that teachers who incorporate these methods find greater success in helping children learn and succeed in their academic education and in life.