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History of the Foundation

The Norton Family Foundation aims to continue the legacy of George and Jane Norton,
whose generosity and foresight have helped to improve Louisville as a community, and
in particular, the youth that live here.


Our Grants

We are committed to the Greater Louisville community. We provide grants to nonprofit organizations in this region, and believe that they are critical partners to enhance the quality of life and place in this community.
The grants are designed to offer financial assistance to these organizations, ensuring they have the necessary resources to expand their beneficial impacts. These organizations help to educate our youth by engaging them in hands-on learning activities, promoting the practice of regenerative agriculture and providing access to nutritional, Kentucky-farmed food — making our community a creative, welcoming place to live. Our grants aim to support these various initiatives to further contribute to the healthy growth of our community.

Our Vision For The Foundation

Our goal for the Norton Family Foundation is to be an invaluable partner to nonprofits making an impact across Louisville. We aspire to cultivate an image of our foundation as a crucial and proactive collaborator, working alongside and for the improvement of the Greater Louisville community. Louisville’s nonprofit organizations are the backbone of our community. We pledge to support a robust, flourishing, and efficient nonprofit ecosystem that nurtures the advancement of diverse, societal needs.

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